Do you want to be a little more than just surviving?

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For many years, I had led a semi self-sufficient lifestyle and had lived at a survival level. I had managed to pay all my bills but I hadn’t had enough money to travel or renovate my house or buy a new computer and so on.



It was okay because I had everything I needed. And yet, I started feeling differently after some years. Despite the fact that I wanted to be independent of the capitalistic system, I was living in the system. I had to earn some money to pay for our rent and utilities, gasoline, clothes, and many more, since we couldn’t be self-sufficient on everything. In the future, it would cost even more since we would have to pay for our son’s education and medical fees for our parents.



The More I thought about it, the more I started questioning myself whether this lifestyle was really sustainable. Was it realistic? Living in a self-sufficient way with quarter acres of land could work if all of the population did. But only a handful of people were doing it and it didn’t seem that the number would increase dramatically.



On the contrary, some people were making billions of dollars by investing in shares and stocks, and they were spending their money for whatever they wanted even if it meant to destroy the planet. A few individuals could easily earn the money which many of us abandoned and invest on businesses we had been protesting against.


What would happen if I had that kind of money? I started questioning. I could be more influential with what I was doing. I could invest more money in promoting my books for example.



So, I began searching ways to be successful. A lot of things in success motivational philosophies were useful and yet they were always accompanied with a lavish lifestyle I talked about in previous posts.


It would put off a lot of people who lead a sustainable lifestyle, but they are the very people who need this kind of information to make the difference.



I spent the next few years creating this new success motivational philosophy for people who want to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and want to be successful enough to be more influential.

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