I am Giving a Talk at the International Ikigai Summit

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I will be giving a presentation at the first international Ikigai summit held this year. The summit will be held online on the 17th and 18th of February if you are in Asia and Europe and on the 16th and 17th if you are in North and South America.

Ikigai Summit 2023 – Ikigai Experts, Authors & Reserachers

Ikigai has become one of Japan’s most misunderstood words and culturally appropriated concepts. It’s not a word from Okinawa. It’s not the Japanese secret to longevity. It’s not a Venn diagram showing you how to find your bliss or become a successful entrepreneur. And it’s not the pursuit of a single life purpose.

This summit will bring together the knowledge of researchers, authors, and speakers to offer various perspectives of ikigai while remaining respectful to Japanese culture and ikigai’s origins.

I did talk about the true meaning of ikigai and the ikigai phenomenon on this blog before.

IKIGAI-KAN: Feel a Life Worth Living written by Nick Kemp, who is one of the hosts of the Ikigai Summit, describes really clearly the ikigai phenomenon and the true meaning of ikigai based on Japanese researchers on ikigai. Many of the researchers whom Nick interviewed appear at the summit, and you get to hear them speak.

One of them is Ken Mogi, the author of Little Book Of Ikigai, and a famous neuroscientist in Japan.

Professor Mogi is speaking at 9 am Japan time on the 17th, and I am speaking at 11 am Japan time on the same day. At 10 am, there will be a panel discussion in which both professor Mogi and I will be participating. So, basically, you can attend from 9 am to 12 noon.

Ikigai Summit Schedule – List of Presenters

What you will discover is not only about ikigai, but how things are perceived in Japanese culture, which is quite different from the West, and this way of perception can become one of the triggers to build a new world that I talked about in Chapter 6 of Ikigai Bio-Hacking, at the section called Zen and the Art of Listening and Giving.

Ikigai Bio-Hacking: Bio-Hacking Based on Japanese Natural Health

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