Why is the End of January the Most Crucial Time?

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Nordic walking on snow feels like I am going cross-country skiing. Today’s meditation is reviewing this month.


As I said in Chapter 10: The Key to Success Is Measuring Your Progress and Customizing Your Method in my book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, reviewing your action periodically is vital to check to see whether you are on your track or not.


These are the chapters by the way.

Chapter 1: A Fatal Flaw I Discovered In Motivational Success Philosophies
Chapter 2: Why Did I Get A Mansion From An Omi Merchant For Almost Free?
Chapter 3: The Secret of Omi-Merchants Business Success
Chapter 4: Business Model of Making Society Happy
Chapter 5: The 7 Elements of Sustainable Prosperity
Chapter 6: Choosing a Business That Has the Element of Three-Way Satisfaction
Chapter 7: Yin and Yang of Goal Setting
Chapter 8: How to Plan Your Success with the Method of Natural Farming
Chapter 9: Unleashing the Magic Number 33 to Align Yourself with Success
Chapter 10: The Key to Success Is Measuring Your Progress and Customizing Your Method
Chapter 11: The Right and Wrong Way of Using the Law of Attraction
Chapter 12: The Key to Manifestation Is Successfully Dealing With Your Past Experiences
Chapter 13: How to Have a Positive Relationship with Money
Chapter 14: Zen Meditation Can Set You In The Right Mood To Start Your Day
Chapter 15: Healthy Intestines Are the New Symbols of Success
Chapter 16: Enlightenment is the Ultimate Key to Prosperity


It is so easy for us to get distracted and drift away. Soon or later you will discover yourself doing something completely different from what you had planned at the beginning of this year.


Come on! It’s only a month. Yes, we are that easily distracted. Especially in this highly developed technological society, we absorb information which we used to receive in one year in one month.


I recommend that you review your action at the end of every month, and January’s review is the most significant one because it is still not to late to get back on your track.


So, are you still on your track?


Am I?


Kind of. This year I have been taking it easy, and not planning too much ahead. I decided that January is the time to contemplate.


I have been doing that by going nordic walking.

noridicsnow2 Meantime I have been working on the promotion of Hyakusho Revolution which I planned to do in January.


So far, it has been pretty good.


In February, I am going to publish the POD version of my another Japanese novel Miso Soup Romance. So I won’t be working on my English actions until March. However, I have decided one thing that I am going to England this summer to reconnect with some friends there. I was going to take my son to an English-speaking country during his summer vacation anyway. We were thinking of going to the United States first because my son is more used to American English but now England seems better for me and he will pick up English accent quickly. I have a feeling that I will have some development in my projects.


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