Muesli Wasn’t Bad After All

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I said that one of the reasons I started eating miso soup in the morning was that it contained tryptophan which would be better taken 16 hours before you go to sleep.


Well, for that I didn’t have to switch from muesli to rice and miso soup; apparently, muesli contains tryptophan, too. Tryptophan is present in oats, dried dates, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts.


However, in our case, it is better to switch to fermented brown rice and miso soup because it is Shindofuji.


What is Shindofuji? Watch this.

Many of the ingredients in muesli aren’t grown in Japan and I have to import them from other countries, while I can get rice and the ingridents in miso soup locally.


That means, you don’t need to switch to fermented brown rice and miso soup if you live in countries where muesli is easily obtainable.


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