Happy New Year from Satoyama Part2

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The next morning I attended the ceremony at the shrine.


A Shinto shrine is very much part of a Satoyama community and we have a lot of activities revolving around the shrine throughout the year. On the New Year day, we have this new year ceremony here and one person from each household in the neighborhood is supposed to participate in it. We also have a spring festival on April 1st and autumn festival on December 1st.


献酒台This is a stand where we put our donation for sake to the shrine.


In the afternoon, we visited a Zen temple in Hino,


to activate my new spiral which began in 2017 with Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity.

元旦ディナーAt night we had our new year dinner.

元旦将棋Then my son and I played Shogi.


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