The Secret to Longevity wasn’t Diet nor Exercises, According to an AI Analysis

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There was a TV program in Japan about a research done by AI about longevity, and it discovered something surprising.


The research team used the data of interviewing 410000 senior citizens living throughout Japan asking 600 questions from different angles and following up their lives over the course of 10 years. Using AI they analyzed this massive data.


So what did they find out?


Most of us think that diet or exercises are the key to our long life, but according to this research, there was something else which was common among the people who have lived long.


The answer is reading. The people who have lived long read more books than others.


That is unexpected. I thought things like social life or Ikigai could come as main factors if not diet or exercises, since they were regarded high in the Blue Zone research.


Mind you, it makes sense if we think about it. When we read we use our brain and it is a form of mental exercise and this act itself can be Ikigai for some people.


Well, I read a lot. I have to as a writer. Reading is very much part of writing.


Strangely enough, I have always imagined that my retirement life would be to walk to the library everyday and spend the whole day there and walk back home before sundown.


Well, that was what I had imagined before. Now, I am not intending to retire. I will be traveling around the world, writing books and giving talks until I die-haha.


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