Satoyama Long Weekend Day 2: A Local Sports Festival

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On the second day of our long weekend, we participated in the annual local sports festival in Nishioji area in Hino Town.


As I told you, I am a member of the organizing committee this year, I had to work all day to conduct the event. After working all afternoon the day before, we gathered at 6:30 in the morning and began setting up the festival.


We had to set up tents, prepare all things we were going to use for each event.  It was physically a hard work because we had to carry many things but what was difficult the most was remembering which items were used for which events and where to place them in the ground. But it was a good experience for me because I could see the behind scene of this type of festival and how much work was involved in.


Canadian couchsurfers came to the sports festival as well, and Nick took part in many of the events including a tug of war which he helped our team win. The people in my neighborhood were very pleased about it. Nick seemed to have enjoyed the festival a lot, too. He said he had never seen anything like this before, and I bet he and his family are one of the very few foreign tourists who have experienced a local sports festival in Japanese countryside.



Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: Mud Volleyball


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