Satoyama Long Weekend Day1: Satoyama Cycling

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I am sorry I hadn’t been able to update this blog for a few days. I had a busy long weekend. Yes, in Japan we had a long weekend from October 6th to the 8th.


We had couchsurfers staying at our house from Canada. They are a family of 3 from Northern Saskatchewan, which means they live out in the wildness. Nick and Alexis are from Ottawa, but they decided to move to a small town called La Ronge because they wanted to lead a natural lifestyle. There are many lakes in that area, and they love going canoeing. They love all kinds of outdoor sports including cycling and mountain climbing, so I took them on Satoyama cycling and mountain climbing tours.


On the first day, we went cycling, but we did it just for a short time since it was raining a little and I had to prepare for the local sports festival in the afternoon.


I am a member of the organizing committee this year and we had to prepare setting up the festival the day before and on the day we had to conduct the festival.


We could cycle along rice fields and cycle by Omi-Hino-Merchants Furusato musem and eventually visit Watamuki shrine.


alexis' family watamuki shrine


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