Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: Life and Politics Cafe

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I attended a Life and Politics Cafe in Omi-Hachiman today and talked about the joint struggle of opposition parties and citizens. It was a small meeting but fruitful one as we had an each participant from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Communist Party: We could exchange viewpoints of each parties and citizens.


We discussed what we can do to make the joint struggle successful, and what stops us make it successful so that we can come up with ideas to solve the problem.


We came up with some ideas to get more citizens involved in the movement.


One great thing about Shiga is that we have a strong network of people, and everyone is connected whether you are a regular citizen or a member of a political party, whether you are in an important position or having no specific title. We can speak to one another equally. Well, at least today’s meeting was like that and that was one of the reasons why the meeting was fruitful: We could speak freely, and it became a great brainstorming session.


Yes, things they are changing, man.


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