Why Hasn’t Okinawa, One of the Blue Zones, Been a Happy Place?

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Okinawa is a Blue Zone and is thought to be one of the healthiest and happiest paradises on earth. Nevertheless, everyone in Japan knows the oppression Okinawan people have been facing for decades, and it isn’t something they deserve since they have the mentality and lifestyle to be able to enjoy happiness.


The Okinawa gubernatorial election has officially kicked off, and the top issue is the planned relocation of a U.S. base inside the southernmost prefecture.


Yes, Okinawa has the biggest presence of U.S. bases in Japan and locals have gone through a series of tragedies because of it.


There have been many rape incidents by servicemen including the famous 1995 incident.




There have been number of military plane crashes.




I hope this election will change the future of Okinawa for the better.



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