I Got a Perfect Result from the Medical Check Up Again

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I got the result back from the medical check up I took about a month ago. It was perfect again. No problem at all.


I am kind of happy for the first time. Well, I get a good result every year so that usually I don’t feel anything special; it isn’t a big deal for me. This year, however, I had a pressure to get a good result, having written a book about health and having bragged about my condition two days ago-haha, I had to be well. So I am relieved.


Also, this is the kind of things I should be happy about if I want to practice the law of attraction: Things you have that you take for granted. We tend to focus on things we don’t have or things we haven’t achieved yet, but if you want to feel abundant, start focusing on things you already have, or things you have already accomplished.


I appreciate all the books I read on health and all the people who have given me health advice in the past. Without them I haven’t been able to write Ikigai Diet and practice it.


I appreciate farmers who produced the food I have eaten.


I appreciate the Natto germs and other bacteria in my house.


I appreciate brown rice germ liquid called Bannokoboeki that I drink every morning.


And finally, I appreciate my mountain bike for giving me enough exercises.


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