Healthy Satoyama Summer Holiday Part 2: Satoyama Cycling

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We did a lot of cycling, too.


We went Satoyama cycling with Jan, and my son and I continued going bike riding after he left, as well.


This is our usual route to go to the library and the supermarket, and we have been riding our bikes here many times by now. It is about 10 kilometers round trip, so it is a heck of a ride for my son considering the fact that his bike is pretty small without gears.




But this time, we tried taking a new route, a mountain road.


Our usual route along rice fields is pretty much flat even though it is slightly uphill on the way back, but this route has much steeper ups and downs.



We cycled up to the foot of Mt. Watamuki, and then took the downhill road to Kono.


Finally from Kono back to Nihongi cycling by Blumen Hugel.


He now wants a cross bike, but I am telling him to wait for another year because the new bike will soon be too small for him if we get one for him now. Besides, by the time he gets his new bike, he will not only be bigger, but also his leg muscles will be much stronger.

Satoyama Cycling Has Become a Part of Our Lives

Satoyama Cycling Can Be A New Form of Green Tourism In Hino

Riding a Bicycle Is a New Status Symbol Of Success



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