Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: River Swimming

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One great thing about living in satoyama near lake Biwa is that we can enjoy both lake swimming and river swimming.


Today, my son and I went to the upperstream of Echi River in Oku-Eigenji for a swim. Here, water was much colder than that of lake Biwa, so a scorching day like today, it was refreshing.


If you want to enjoy the spacious swimming area, you can go to the mother lake, but if you want to jump into cold water you can go to the upperstream of rivers. There are 119 rivers flowing into the mother lake which means there are 119 upperstreams like this in Shiga Prefecture.  From most upperstreams we can get to the lake within one hour by car which enables us to take advantage of the two.

okueigennji2We can see the bottom of the river.


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