Two Reasons Why You Want to Make Your Own Natto Fermented Soybeans

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Two Reasons Why You Want to Make Your Own Natto Fermented Soybeans

The reason why my Natto is bigger than usual Natto is that I make my own Natto. I don’t buy Natto from the stores, I make Natto by myself, and the type of soybeans I use to make Natto is the regular size, not small size beans which are specifically made for Natto. These small size beans are not grown a lot in the Kansai region where I live because Kansai people don’t eat much Natto. Since I would like to use local organic soybeans and only the regular size beans are available around here, I happen to use them.


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Why do I want to make my own Natto?


Because a lot of Nattos sold at stores aren’t good, or at least, they don’t have the same effect as homemade Natto does.


There are two reasons for it.


The first reason is that many of the soybeans they use are imported from the United States or Canada, and there is a slight possibility that genetically modified soybeans are included. They say that they use only GM-free soybeans but the same trucks are used to carry soybeans whether they are GM soybeans or GM-free soybeans. Therefore they can get mixed up.


Since we don’t produce any GM soybeans in Japan, if you buy Natto using soybeans grown in Japan, you should be safe. However, most of them are not organic, and ones that are organic are imported, so we still have this dilemma.


The second reason is the bacteria they use to ferment beans. To make Natto, you need Bacillus subtilis. It is also called Natto germ, and when Natto is commercially mass-produced, they use the same kind of Natto germ, and often germs are controlled, and they lose the power they had in their natural state.


There are all kinds of Natto germs, and they are different from regions to regions. It is better to use local germs, but commercially produced Nattos don’t use germs according to your region.


Therefore, it isn’t the question of where to buy Natto; it is the question of whether to buy Natto or not, and the answer is no.


When you make Natto at home, you can choose soybeans. I buy soybeans from an organic farmer I know locally.


You can choose your Natto germs, too. You can find Natto germs in all kinds of plants grown in your area. I use rice straws I get from local organic farmers, or mint from my garden.


Now the question is how to make Natto?


So, in the next posts, I will tell you different ways of making Natto.

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