Takashi Inui from Omi-Hachiman, Shiga showed the Omi Spirit, Scoring a Magnificent Goal

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I am very disappointed that Japan lost the game against Belgium, but I was thrilled by Takashi Inui’s goal.


I think it was when I spent the first new year in Shiga I heard about Inui. He was playing for Yasu high school and they won the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament that year.


My father in law was excited by Yasu high school’s winning, but I didn’t think Inui was going to be such a great player because he was a little too short for a soccer player. Playing in high school and playing in a professional league are completely different things.


But he proved me wrong.


I wonder if he eats Natto-haha.


Well, if he doesn’t since he is a Kansai man, he could well be an offspring of an Omi-merchant who was involved in a fermentation business.


Visiting the Land of Omi-merchants Part 1: Omi-Hachiman


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