Apparently, I am 21 Years Younger Than My Age

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The open-air-marche was held in Hino last Sunday in a beautiful weather.

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There were so many booths and some live music performances were held.







This is my wife’s booth. She was giving some medical advice by conducting a vascular age test. She did one for me, too.


Apparently, my vascular age is 21 years younger. Well, I always looked younger, so it wasn’t that surprising, but it is nice to hear that your health is in a good condition, especially after writing a book on health and longevity.


Actually, I never thought of writing a book on longevity. I might have written a book on health since I do deal with health in ZENWSP, but never paid attention to the subject of longevity before. I wrote about longevity because it was part of Ikigai trend and many people seemed to be interested in the topic and I thought I could offer something using my position to be living among the young naturally conscious people who I think to be the healthiest people in Japan.


But it seems that I am the perfect person to do it because it looks like I will be living past age 100. People around me in Shiga live up to 90 now, so that means I might even live until age 110.


And the funny thing is I can imagine that happening. I have a lot of doubt about myself becoming financially successful even though I have written a book on a motivational success philosophy-haha, but when it comes to staying young, it is something I am very familiar with; it has been part of myself. I have a son who is 6 years old and I hang out with a lot of parents who are 20 years younger. I do feel I am in my 30s.


So, it wasn’t a bad idea that I wrote Ikigai Diet after all.



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