An Open Air Market Will be Held in Hino, Shiga This Sunday.

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Hinomaru Marche will be back on Sunday.

You can read about Hinomaru Marche in the following posts.

I felt a new wave of localization at an open air market in Hino town

A Local Market in Hino Has Tuned Organic

There will be more new booths this time and it is going to be a lot of fun. It will be the third Hinomaru Marche and I am looking forward to it because it gets better each time.


11:00~15:00 May 20 2018

Matsuo Park in Hino, Shiga Prefecture.

You can catch a bus going to Kitabataguchi at the South exit of Omi-Hachiman station, and you get off at Yokomachi. You want to walk toward the library.


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