My Macrobiotic Days and Why I Stopped being Macrobiotic

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You do find that some of the information in the book Ikigai Diet is similar to the teachings of macrobiotic diet; well, that is because macrobiotic diet is also based on traditional Japanese dietary philosophies. The things I talked about in the book is common to Japanese ancient martial arts, different forms of natural medicine and spiritual practices; they aren’t unique to macrobiotics.


Having said that, I did study and practice macrobiotic diet many years ago. It was back in 1980s when I lived in England and studied Shiatsu at British School of Shiatsu. As part of our curriculum, we studied macrobiotic philosophy since the Shiatsu I learned was based on Masunaga Shiatsu and macrobiotics.


Yes, I did eat brown rice and miso soup every day, and cut carrots diagonally to include both Yin side and Yang side in each cutting piece.


I was a vegetarian and vegan, and didn’t eat any sweets other than couscous cake which was a popular macrobiotic sweet at that time.


I can’t remember how long I was macrobiotic, but after a few years, I gradually began including other foods in my diet, and I became a regular natural food eater. When I returned to Japan after 4 years of living in England, which was filled with studies and experiences of holistic culture over there, I started including regular Japanese foods in my diet; yakitori, ramen, dumplings, and  stir-fry pork with ginger, the stuff considered to be the foods of demons. Yes, Japanese foods were far worse than the dishes common among natural food eaters in England.



So, how did this descension happen?


Is it a descension?


Well, that will be the topic for next week.


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