Ikigai Diet Can More easily be Practiced in Satoyama Part 2

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One great thing about living in Satoyama is that we can go Satoyama cycling and it is a fabulous place to raise kids.


Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity regards Ikigai Diet to be holistic and to be healthy and live long, you need to be happy, too, and your familial relationship is vital for your overall happiness.


One of the practices of Ikigai Diet is making and eating fermented food. To make fermented food, it is so much easier if you live in Satoyama.


For example, many people in Satoyama live in Kominka, a traditional style Japanese house, and often there is a room for keeping fermented food such as miso and soy sauce there: The entire house is designed to lead a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to make the room dark to keep the temperature down and let some air come in.



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