Ikigai Diet and the Power of Fermentation

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Ikigai Diet is a diet worth living for and a diet makes everyone happy.


It doesn’t just make you healthy and live long, it makes you, the people around you, and society happy.  Another word, it is a Sanpo-Yoshi diet.


I gave some examples of making your diet to be Seken-Yoshi, socially friendly, such as eating organic food, local food, and making fermented food at home.


I said it was good to make fermented food at home because it releases good bacteria. Why can it be socially friendly?


Today, let me talk about fermented food and how releasing good bacteria benefits society.


In the book IKIGAI DIET, I introduced many elements from the secret of Japanese traditional diet to health and longevity. If there is one thing in common among all these elements is going back to the lifestyle of pre-industrial period.


At that time, we were surrounded by effective bacteria in our household because it was common to make fermented food such as miso, soy sauce, and natto  at home.


It was the same in our vegetable gardens.


These helpful bacteria made our immune system stronger.


Unfortunately, those good bacteria have vanished from our home now, due to decreasing number of households making fermented foods and spread of germicides.


Spread of germicides is creating a lot of problems; it is making individuals, the land, and the entire planet  weak and susceptible to disease.


By releasing effective bacteria, on the other hand, it will help our planet bring back its natural state.




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