Ikigai Diet is Sanpo-Yoshi Diet

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This is our Ikigai Dinner. A local sake from our town, fermented brown rice, home-made Natto, miso soup using home-made miso, pickled daikon and seasoned burdocks with carrots and Jerusalem artichokes.


Ikigai Diet is Sanpo-Yoshi Diet.


Sanpo-Yoshi in this case means


Jibun-Yoshi: I am happy

Aite-Yoshi: you are happy

Seken-Yoshi: society is happy


You means people I communicate with: If I am having dinner with my family, for example, my family is you. Therefore Aite-Yoshi diet means diet which makes people I communicate with happy, too.


Today, let me talk about Seken-Yoshi diet.


Seken-Yoshi diet means socially friendly diet. For example eating organic food can be Seken-Yoshi diet because by eating organic food, you are supporting organic farming and organic farming has positive impact on society.


Eating local food can be Seken-Yoshi diet, too because you are supporting the local economy by consuming local products.


Making fermented food at home can be Seken-Yoshi diet because you are releasing good bacteria by making fermented food at home.


Why is releasing good bacteria Seken-Yoshi? That’s another day’s story.




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