Live Indian Music Event at a Temple Will be Filled with Hygge and Ikigai because…

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There is going to be a live music performance at a temple called Shingyoin in Hino Town tomorrow.


I think it will be filled with hygge and ikigai because it is going to be a sitar performance. Can you imagine listening to the sound of sitar at a Japanese temple?


There will be Bolivian music, and yoga sessions, as well.


There is going to be a market and a lot of alternative people will be gathering there.


I’ll be there, too, and I highly recommend that you come if you are in Kyoto or Shiga area.


April 7th 2018
Market opens at 11:00 am  Live begins at 15:45 and ends at 19:00

Admission: free


For directions click the link below and look for Shingyoin.

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