Eating Out in Osaka Isn’t Part of Ikigai Diet, But It Can be Hygge From Time to Time

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We went on a short family trip to Osaka to celebrate our son’s elementary school entrance.


Osaka is famous for its street food culture as it is called Kuidaore No Machi, the town of eating until you pass out, and I must say this phrase has a point: You will die if you continue eating it every day, haha: It is that bad and the furthest away from Ikigai Diet.


And yet, it can be hygge, if you come here once in a while.


Well, in that sense it can be part of Ikigai Diet provided that you only indulge yourself time to time. Ikigai Diet I am talking about here is an eating culture to make you healthy and happy. Some dishes in Washoku are good to eat on a daily basis but Gyoza, ramen, Takoyaki, and Kushikatsu are too greasy, and I don’t recommend that you eat them frequently.

Having said that, you want to enjoy your life, and if you restrict your diet too much, it won’t be fun and that itself may not be sustainable. Therefore, in Ikigai Diet that I propose, you can include some break periods to let yourself go.

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