Ikigai Business Is Sanpo-Yoshi Business part7: Balance and Integration

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My son is into drawing these days.


By including the concept of Sanpo-Yoshi, we can make Ikigai Business to have a clearer definition.



In many ways, Ikigai Business has balance and integration.



It has the balance of Yin and Yang.

yin and yang

While the base is in Japanese culture which I think is Yin, I am unifying it with the Western value which I think is Yang. Since I spent my early adulthood in Europe, encountering the modern stream of thought such as ecology, New Age spirituality, and humanistic psychology, I look at the Japanese tradition differently from earlier teachers who had brought dietary practices or farming practices based on Japanese traditional values.


It has the balance of personal transformation which I think is Yin, and social transformation which I think is Yang. Finding your Ikigai or living with Ikigai is in the field of personal transformation: It is a quest to be happy. Sanpo-Yoshi, on the other hand, is in the field of social transformation: Doing business to make society happy.


Ikigai Business is an integration of three elements; which are Sanpo-Yoshi: Urite-Yoshi, Kaite-Yoshi, and Seken-Yoshi.


3 is a sacred number as it is seen in the holy trinity, and I think that makes Sanpo-Yoshi a significant concept.

Sanpo-Yoshi is the New Trinity in Our Age

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