Ikigai Business Is Sanpo-Yoshi Business part6: Making Your Business Holistic

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In order to feel Ikigai in your business, it is better for your business to be Sanpo-Yoshi and that is because Sanpo-Yoshi includes the element of Seken-Yoshi, which means being socially friendly.


My definition of Seken-Yoshi in today’s world has the following 5 elements.

1, Making your business small

2, Making your business local

3, Making your business environmentally friendly

4, Making your business socially just

5, Making your business holistic


Let me explain the fifth element today: Making your business holistic.


Holistic means that things are all interconnected, and when we look at things we look at the whole thing rather than individual parts. It is like looking at the entire forest and not a tree in it. The term is often used in the field of medicine. In holistic medicine, doctors don’t pay attention to just symptoms, when they look at illness, they also examine the connection with other body parts or patients’ emotional state to get the whole picture. They don’t just prescribe medicine; they suggest that patients change their lifestyles which are the real causes of their illness.


The term is also used in the field of education as holistic education; Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf education is a good example.


Engaging in those fields is one way of making your business holistic.


Making your business holistic doesn’t only mean to conduct business in the field of holistic medicine or education, it also means to make your way of working holistic. For example, you want to design your business to leave you enough time to spend with your family and close friends. You want to plan your venture in a way allows you to work in a healthy and natural environment.


Well, now, I have covered all 5 elements of Seken-Yoshi. By conducting a business that carries some of these elements, we can make society happier, and we are more likely to feel value in our work. Hence the business becomes an Ikigai Business.


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