Pechakucha Night and Seeds of Sustainability in Kyoto

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I gave a presentation at Pechakucha night Kyoto on Saturday.


It was difficult to explain each slide in 20 seconds but I managed to do it. Yes, I did practice a lot for this-haha.


It was a good turn out, and worth giving a presentation.

chuck's opening

It was part of an event called Seeds of Sustainability, and Chuck, one of the organizers gave a speech in the beginning.


There were many interesting presentations; presentations about Transition Town Kyoto, a peace activity called Peace Flag Project, Japanese earthen walls,  sustainable mushroom farming on coffee grounds, and so on.




There was a market organized by Seeds of Sustainability the next day.


I could see people at the Pechakucha night again and had a good chat with them. Kyoto is turning sustainable.


It was a great Kyoto weekend for me.


And now, I have a peace frag from Peace Flag Project in my room.



I am giving a 2-day workshop in Japanese on December 2nd and 3rd.


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