How to Use ZENWSP in Politics Part4: Do You Ever Burn Yourself Out By Getting Involved in Politics?

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As I said before, one of the reasons I created ZENWSP is to empower sustainable-minded people to get into influential position in society.


Since we had an election, I have been thinking about how we can apply ZENWSP to politics.


By the way, do you ever burn yourself out by getting involved in politics?


I know a lot of people who do including myself. If you spare a lot of your time and not getting the outcome you want, you can be even more disappointed.


Especially if you have been betrayed by candidates you supported. It happened in Shiga the last time in the upper house election, when we supported a candidate from the Democratic Party. And this time, too, before the election began.


We can’t trust politicians for 100%; we shouldn’t let them take advantage of us. I now don’t spare all of my energy; I save a lot for myself. That is the reason why I didn’t cancel my talks during the election campaign. You want to make your political activity Sanpo-Yoshi, too.


The reason I promote Sanpo-Yoshi businesses is precisely that. Do not just work on voluntary basis, make it part of your business.


I said that ZENWSP could play a good role in increasing the number of people who have sustainable values, and they will turn liberal voters.


If many of us could design our business to do it, we won’t need to engage in volunteer activities to change our political situation. Each one of us can just focus on our business, and it will happen naturally.


We should make a banner representing this new movement; sustainable and liberal lifestyle, and get Sanpo-Yoshi business owners to place it on their website for example.


We need to make it a status symbol so that a lot of business owners will want to be part of it.


I’ll be speaking at Pechakucha night Kyoto on November 4th.

I am giving a 2-day workshop in Japanese on December 2nd and 3rd.


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