The Third Pole Has Appeared in Japan’s Election

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I attended a meeting of a citizen’s group in Shiga on Saturday. We have decided to continue our joint struggle with remaining parties which are Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party. This time New Socialist Party joined, too.


We have decided to put up a joint candidate in each electoral district. We are part of the national group, and therefore, it is going to be the nationwide movement. We will put up a candidate in every electoral district, and he or she will be the only liberal candidate in each district. At least, now we have someone to vote for if we want to vote for neither an LDP candidate nor a candidate from the Party of Hope.


It became a simpler election, because liberals have only one candidate to vote for, while conservatives have several candidates to choose from.


And now, it looks like the liberal members of the Democratic Party will form a new party and will come back to our joint struggle. Finally, the wind started blowing for our side.


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