Yuriko Koike, the leader of the Party of Hope reminds me of Donald Trump

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The strangest thing is happening in Japanese politics at the moment. That is a conservative party is competing against another conservative party in our national election. Their policies are almost identical; they both support the security-related legislation and constitutional reform.


Koike says that she would like to crack the political establishment and bring reform to our politics. Isn’t that what Trump was saying?


She is very skillful in creating media attention: nearly every day, she does something to provide news for the media.


Her popularity lies in people’s expectation that she may be able to change something. But what change? Nobody knows, her policies don’t seem to state any clues in how she is going to bring the reform.


The joint struggle of opposition parties began operating with Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party yesterday, since Democratic Party which had been part of the joint struggle dissolved and about a half of its members are joining the Party of Hope.


Japanese Communist Party and Social Democratic Party are the true opposition since they are against the security-related legislation and constitutional reform. It seems they are the only parties left to oppose those two issues.


And yet the media hardly covers them to the point that it seems to be deliberately ignoring them; it only talks about Koike’s performances. The news programs have turned celebrity talk shows. What happened to our country?


Are we not supposed to talk about policies and compare the parties who have opposing views?


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