Zen and the Art of Writing Part 2: What Is the Most Important Thing in Writing?

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There are a lot of techniques in writing, and they vary depending on what you are writing. Whether you are writing fiction, non-fiction, how to books, magazine articles or blogs.


I have written most of them; I have written 5 novels, one non-fiction book, 5 how-to books, many magazine articles, 4 different kinds of newsletters, and 5 different kinds of blogs.


Therefore, I can talk about different writing tips for different purposes, but there is one common element in all these areas, and without it, learning tips seems meaningless to me.


The contents. What you write about. Why you write about it.


A lot of people start from the wrong way. They study the techniques before even knowing what they want to write about.


It is the same with motivational success philosophies. Many people get into knowhow without really knowing what success means to them.


Our society is technique oriented, and it is escalating with this information age. Anyone can access professional knowledge without having the basic training. This creates a lot of unbalanced people; people who look at trees and not the forest.


What I can say out of all my writing experience which includes talking to many editors is that you will never be able to write well as long as you are chasing after techniques, because anyone can learn the techniques and it will make you the same as the rest of the world.


However, if you develop the contents that are unique to you, that only you can provide but nobody else, there will be a reason for us to read your writing.


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