Zen and the Art of Writing Part 1: Why Do You Need To Be Able To Write Well To Be Successful?

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Now, I am stuck. I have run out of topics to write.


What am I going to do?


I have never had this problem; I have always had something to write about.


Okay, in that case, I can write exactly about that; writing.


I suppose I can say something about writing since I have done a lot of writing in my life. I am a published author having two books published, one of which was published by one of the biggest publishers in Japan. In 2008, I decided to go self-publishing, and since then I have self-published 10 books. I have written a lot of articles for several magazines, and I have written countless blog posts.


I just counted this blog and discovered that I have written over 100 posts; 104 to be exact.


No wonder I had run out of topics.


Before proceeding with this topic, what has it got to do with you? Why do you need to know about writing?


Well, if you want to use web marketing to promote your products or services, writing a blog is the first step. To practice a business model I am suggesting, which is to be self-employed in a rural area, web marketing is almost inevitable. You are more likely to be writing a lot if you want to start your journey in ZENWSP.


Now, when you write a blog, it is advised that you write a post every day.


Every day? That is a lot.


Yes, it is a lot. I can tell you writing every day isn’t easy.


Why is it important to write a post every day?


Your blog will have a higher chance to be shown on search engines. The amount of writing on your blog and the frequency of update affects SEO. Therefore, the more you write, the higher the chance that people will see your blog.


Does it mean you can write anything? Whatever comes up in your mind, you write it?


Another vital factor in SEO is the content. Whether your blog offers valuable information to the public or not.


The reason I update my blog 5 days a week and not 7 days a week is because of this; I want to offer good contents, and I need the weekend to rest to keep the quality.


The bottom line is this; you need to develop your writing skills to provide massive high quality contents on your blog.


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