MOTTAINAI is a Permacultural Way of Thinking

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After writing yesterday’s post, one Japanese word appeared in my mind, to sum up my point. That is MOTTAINAI.


MOTTAINAI means it is a waste, or what a waste. In Japan, this expression is used a lot in an ecological context, especially to promote reuse.


Setting a field where you frequently visit far from the house is MOTTAINAI, because it is a waste of time and energy.


Producing more cars, TVs, computers when there are already enough is MOTTAINAI.


And so-called successful people using their talent and energy into building more than enough wealth is MOTTAINAI, when they can contribute a lot to the world by pouring their energy toward different directions.


It sums up, doesn’t it?


Today, I would like to add one MOTTAINAI. It is MOTTAINAI for sustainable people not taking effective actions to paint the world in their color.


This week, I have been writing a lot on my Japanese blog, too.


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