How We Define Success In Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity: Part 4 Why Is Health a Criterion of Success?

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Last week, I said, how we defined success set ZENWSP apart from other motivational success philosophies. This week let me share how we define success in detail because without having a clear idea of what success is, it is easy for us to drift away and not to get our outcome.


Today, I would like to talk about health. My definition of success includes happiness, and you need to be healthy to be happy.


One of the reasons why I don’t consider many of the so-called successful people to be successful is that they don’t seem to be healthy.


When I say healthy, I mean both physically and mentally healthy because they are connected.


The fact that they want to live in a high-rise condo or a house with a swimming pool shows that they are not integrated: Psychologically not integrated, or more precisely, psychotherapeutically not integrated, if they are influenced by a stereotyped image of success and not being in touch with their true desire which comes from the bottom of their heart or I should say from the center of their Hara or soul.


I am sorry, but they seem to be operating in the lower layers in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


It is okay to operate in those layers since we all go through different stages of our growth, as long as they don’t call themselves successful. Successful people are role models for others to look up to; they do have a certain responsibility to work on their self-development.


It isn’t only their fault though. They probably don’t call themselves successful, other people do; especially the media. We need to stop measuring people based on their income, the type of house they live in, the type of car they drive, or the type of watch they wear.


Suppose you are observing it from other planets, it looks hilarious, if all our magazines and TV programs are covering only those features.


Unfortunately, our planet isn’t healthy. Our entire society isn’t functioning properly because our medical system is corrupt, and our food system is corrupt.


If you are aware of it, you want to do something about it and to be successful in our life means you want to transform our society to be a healthy one, and in the process, you want to be healthy yourself.

I wrote more about it here: Why Do You Need to Be Healthy to be Wealthy?


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