How We Define Success in Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity: Part 1 Setting the Right Goal Will Determine Everything

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In the last post, I said, how we defined success set ZENWSP apart from other motivational success philosophies. This week let me share how we define success in detail because without having a clear idea of what success is, it is easy for us to drift away and not to get our outcome.


Unfortunately, other motivational success philosophies don’t spend enough time clarifying this point and get into techniques. Therefore they end up not leading people to real success and happiness.


For example, I often hear coaches introducing techniques to earn 1 million dollars a year. They talk about how we can use blogs, newsletters, webinars, and YouTube to automate our income flow and achieve financial freedom.


Techniques themselves are good, and I don’t discourage people from using them. Some of them are useful for achieving your goals in sustainable prosperity, too.


The question is why do we want to earn 1 million dollars a year? Certainly, it sounds good to have such income; it gives us a lot of freedom to do things we want to do including activities to change the world for the better.


The problem of earning 1 million dollars a year is that it isn’t a model many people can be successful together. It is a win-lose model where you need to compete against others to get your outcome.


If you want to be successful because you want to be free and happy, you want to start with a system where many people can be free and happy. You’ll never be happy even if you manage to gain financial freedom when most people are not free; you can’t enjoy your freedom with your friends. Besides, you don’t get to do things to change the world until you reach your goal.


If you apply the Sanpo-Yoshi system, on the other hand, you can walk your path with your friends supporting one another, since you are sharing the pie. If you choose to do a society-happy business, you will help change the world during the process of reaching your goal.


Okay, instead of earning 1 million dollars a year, how much are we talking about here?


It really depends on your situation; the cost of living, the number of people in your family, and so on. How much ever you need to pay all the bills and save extra money for your children’s future education, medical fees for your parents and yourself, maintenance fees of your house, traveling and some other activities. Somewhere between 40000 dollars to 70000 dollars a year.


Suppose you choose to set your goal to earn 50000 dollars a year, you’ll be taking completely different kinds of action from setting a goal to make 1 million dollars a year. A lot of things 1 million dollar annual income advocators tell you won’t be applicable.

Some of you might think it isn’t challenging enough to earn 50000 dollars a year, but income isn’t your only goal, you have some other goals to be excited about.


Tomorrow, let me share some other aspects of sustainable prosperity.



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