Sanpo-Yoshi is the New Trinity in Our Age

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In the book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, I talked about a magic number 33, and how you can unleash the magic number 33 to align yourself with success.


Well, 3 is a magic number, too. It is used in the Holy Trinity, it is used in Three Sacred Treasures in Japan, and off course, it is used in body, mind, and spirit.


Sanpo-Yoshi may be much more significant than I thought when I wrote the book.


The philosophy of Sanpo-Yoshi is a three-way satisfaction policy used by Omi merchants back in the days. This policy stated that every business the Omi merchants conducted needed to be beneficial to the seller, the buyer, and society in general. In short, a business must result into a three-way satisfaction.


In Japanese, San means three and po means directions and Yoshi means good or happy. Therefore Sanpo-Yoshi means goodness or happiness in three directions. Imagine the goodness is spreading in 3 directions. 3 is a balanced number as we can see in a tripod. If the goodness spreads in 3 directions, it will be a stable movement.


Sanpo-Yoshi in business is especially crucial in today’s world where the majority of businesses are not conducted in this way.


Sanpo-Yoshi has the following three Yoshi.


Urite-Yoshi: This means the seller is happy

Kaite-Yoshi: This means the buyer is happy

Seken-Yoshi: This means society is happy.


The third Yoshi, Seken-Yoshi isn’t practiced in most businesses. Many products are not making society happy. Instead, they are making society unhealthy, angry, and divided. Junk food or violent video games are good examples of those. And it isn’t just products, the monetary system itself is making society unhappy, and therefore in order to create a Seken-Yoshi business, we need to look into the monetary system and change our paradigm by making the business small or local for instance.


One of the reasons why I recommend that you start your own business is that it is easier to design the structure of your business if you are the boss.


What I would like to see happening is that many small businesses practicing Sanpo-Yoshi spread in 3 directions and eventually replace big corporations.


It probably will be the most powerful social movement, since the economy is the biggest incentive for most people.


Sanpo-Yoshi can be used in other areas, too. When you communicate with someone, you can communicate in a win-win style, where both you and the person you are communicating with become happy. This can be accomplished through assertiveness training, which I also talked about in the book.


So how can you make your communication Seken-Yoshi?


Choosing the venue can be one way. For example, instead of going to a big franchised coffee shop, you can meet your friend at a family owned organic coffee shop.


Another way is to choose your topic. Instead of gossiping about your other co-workers or friends, talk about something positive. Each time when you think of something or utter a word, you are sending a vibration to the collective consciousness, so by releasing a good vibration, you are making society happy.


Anyway, Sanpo-Yoshi is the way to go in the new era.



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