Could The Venus Project Be One of the Fourth Wave Phenomena?

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In the last post, I wrote about the fourth wave and one of its scenarios being a society which has a good balance of technology and sustainability led by Enlightened Intelligence.


Synchronicity often occurs in my life, and here it came again. Immediately after I posted the blog and shared the link on Facebook, I found someone writing about a project called the Venus Project.


It seems very similar to what I was talking about. It is proposing a society where we utilize automation and technology to maximize the quality of life. It also sees that we have the technology to produce enough food and energy for everyone, but what is preventing is the monetary system. If we set aside all politics and economics and just focus on solving world problems using pure science, we will be able to create a sustainable and peaceful society.

I don’t know the technical details of it, and I am a little hesitant about its high reliance on technology, but the idea itself sounds good, and if we can find a perfect harmony among technology, sustainability, and spirituality, it could be a breakthrough.


The Venus Project


This page explains their aim


YouTube video with Japanese subtitles.


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