What is Satoyama Capitalism?

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In my novel Hyakusho Revolution, the economic system collapses, and a completely new system arises. In reality, however, I don’t project that our economic system will come to an end soon. I think it will continue for a while.


In that case, rather than shifting to a self-sufficient localized small scale system entirely, I suggest shifting to what is called Satoyama Capitalism.


Satoyama Capitalism is a concept advocated by Kosuke Motani, a chief senior economist at Japan Research Institute. He believes that the present capitalism will not continue to function for a long time since there are a lot of defects and it is better for us to start preparing a sub-system. Like me, he doesn’t predict that the economic system will shut down in the near future and he doesn’t deny the present system totally. He just feels it is foolish to rely on one system, when a series of problems are addressed, without having any backup plans.


Therefore he doesn’t suggest that you leave your job and move to the countryside, but you can start building Satoyama economy while continuing your present lifestyle.


I think it is a smart move. You can be part of the old system which still dominates our economy, but to have a backup system where we can gradually shift toward. My idea is for those of you who are more mobile; it is better to move to the countryside since activities based on Satoyama economy are easier done in the countryside. There, you can lead a semi-self-sufficient life, and create a local network. They can be valuable assets in your wealth.


As I talked about it in the book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, wealth doesn’t mean just your money, stocks, or gold; the real wealth is things you need in times of crisis such as food, energy, and friends who can support one another.


Do you know that Google started expanding their businesses to other fields? Some companies in those fields are expected to go bankrupt since they won’t be able to compete against a giant like Google. Google isn’t alone in this trend, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft continue to dominate the market, and it will create more companies to lose their shares. What about Artificial Intelligence? A.I. is being installed in many areas, and it is said to replace workers.


What will happen, if many people lose jobs?


It means I will lose some of my clients since they won’t be able to afford my coaching sessions.


That’s the bottom line. If many people lose jobs, more people will lose jobs. Then, who are going to buy from the Internet giants?


You see, the present system isn’t sustainable, and it is better for us to create a sub-system.


And to create a sub-system, we need to utilize the present system for a certain degree; hence Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity.


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