I just published the Kindle version of my novel Hyakusho Revolution.

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I told you that I had published a novel called Hyakusho Revolution based on natural farming in 2011, I have just published the Kindle version a few days ago because the paper version had just run out of stock.


Unfortunately, it is only in Japanese, but you can introduce it to your friends who can read Japanese.

It is a story of building a new country.

It begins with a big earthquake in Tokyo, followed by a financial meltdown. The Japanese government stops functioning soon after that, and the distribution of food and oil stops, which leads to chaos, and many people die of hunger and disease.

There is a self-sufficient ecovillage in Tochigi where they grow food with natural farming, and many people from Tokyo seek refuge there.

For them to survive, they have to build a new system; the food production system, energy production system, manufacturing system of other goods, medical system, educational system, and the media. Since the old system no longer exists, they are free to change everything in the way they want; which is a sustainable way.

Each village with the population of about 200 or 300 self-governs the village as if it is a small country. Another word, Japan is divided into many small countries. In this way they can make their activity small and local which is a key for sustainability. Every artist can be in the spotlight within their village, and there is no competition. They work within walking distance, and therefore they don’t need a transportation. By making it small scale, they don’t need machinery for their production.

I wish I could write it in English, but writing fiction isn’t the same as writing non-fiction. I once tried to write another novel in English and discovered how difficult it was. If there is someone who is willing to translate it, it will be fantastic.



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