How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project part 2

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I saw my friend Sam in Kyoto for the first time in 30 years. He retained his visage after all these years and showed facial expressions exactly the same as before. 30 years is a long time to cover in a half day’s conversation and there must have been a lot more things happened in both of our lives, but just from what we covered, it looked like we had gone through similar phases. Both of us have grown out of the phase we were in our 20s, but somehow retained the core value we had back then and expressing it in a more mature, or practical way.



It was great seeing him again. It reminded me of the time I was in England, which really is the foundation of my life after that. It was the time I encountered the spiritual movement and the green movement, which gave me insight to transform our lives both in personal and social levels. I have gone through several rounds in a spiral since then and somehow have come back to the base again. Meeting him reassured me what I was doing now was the right move.



There were two interesting things, too. One was that he used the word synchronicity in our conversation. The other was that he showed some pictures on his iPhone and one of them was a picture of a swan. You know I chose the photo of a swan as the cover photo of the previous post. I chose the photo without thinking because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to look for a new picture, I decided to use one of the few free pictures attached to this blog site.



I searched the meaning of swans now and one thing I found was that swans symbolize developing intuitive abilities. It might mean I can go ahead trusting my intuition. Another thing swans symbolize is balance. Balance is a key message in my new book. Well, the concept of Sanpo-yoshi, which means 3-way satisfaction, is very much about balance in business, yin and yang of goal setting is about balance in approaches, the way I interpret and practice the law of attraction is a balanced way, and everything else I talk about in the book has holistic nature which automatically contains the element of balance.



Sam is probably the most successful person I know now and he was already a great role model for me when I knew him. Well, the new book is about success and finding the right role model.



Sometimes you cannot get clear messages like these, but they might appear in very indirect ways as gods often work in mysterious ways. Just wait and see, you never know what might appear in a week or a month time. The important thing is to trust your synchronicity, and be sensitive to any small changes in the next few weeks to come. In order to be able to utilize messages from your unconscious mind to advance your project, first you need to form a good relationship with your unconscious mind. It starts from trusting it, and paying attention to it.

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