How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project

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In the last few days, coincidental events have been occurring in my life. I have been getting mails or messages from several different friends I haven’t seen for about 30 years, all at the same time.


One was from a high school classmate who found my website after searching my name. He is organizing a reunion party and wanted to contact me. I have been completely out of touch with my high school classmates. The last time I saw them was a few years after our graduation and it was already 33 years ago.


Another friend was a flat mate in Brighton when I was living in England, he said he was visiting Japan this week. I haven’t seen him for about 30 years. We will get together this weekend.


The last one was a Japanese friend whom I met when I was in England 30 years ago, too. She said she was coming back to Japan in May and she might be able to visit me in Shiga this time.


Those three are not connected. They just happened to contact me this week for whatever the reasons they had.


It is interesting because they all represent one thing, to reconnect with the past, even though each person is from a different aspect of my life.


When events have a clear message as these, I regard them as synchronistic events, and they can often help us advance our lives toward the goals we set.


What I usually do is to respond to them. In this case, see them. Well, I am off to Kyoto now to see my friend from England. I will write the rest in the next post.

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