Why Is Satoyama Nordic Walking Suitable For the Kind of Meditation I do?

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I said I enjoyed nordic walking and it was suitable for the kind of meditation I do.


Well, what kind of meditation do I do?


I appreciate my past successful experiences and what I have now. Yes, it is the same as the prayer I recommended that you can give at a shrine to manifest your wishes.


Why can appreciating your past successful experiences or things you have now help you manifest your wishes? Read this.


It is better to do it regularly and I try to do it every day.


However I don’t have time to do both meditation and exercises, so it is better if I can combine the two.


Walking is better than jogging as meditation since you can focus more on your thoughts and feelings, and nordic walking is better than walking as an exercise since you use your arms as well as your legs, plus you get to straighten your posture.


So by going nordic walking I can combine my meditation and exercises. Furthermore, I discovered that it puts you into a positive mental state immediately because it is so beautiful to look at the Satoyama scenery and feels so good to walk on the grassy field. I feel happy and want to appreciate the present; the fact that I live in Satoyama and I get to go for walks here every day. Living in Satoyama was my dream about 10 years ago but it became a reality and has been a reality for over 10 years now. By walking here it reinforces my realization that I did manifest my wish and I have power to attract things I want in my life.


From there I begin appreciating the house I live in, the flexible schedule I have about my work, the car I drive, the books I have published, the family I have, the local network of friends I have, the vegetable field I have, the wood burning stove I have, and many other things which once were my dreams in the past.


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