It Is a German Christmas This Year

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It all started from this.  When I went to the library I saw those two books as soon as I entered.. One was about German bread, and the other one was a book about Christmas markets in Germany. I don’t miss this kind of synchronicity. We have had quite a few visitors from Germany this year.

dinner with a German friend


dinner with Ausrian family

Well, they are from Austria.


3 visitors from Germany and one family from Austria.

So I decided to make stollen.


Yes, home-made stollen with organic whole wheat.

シュトレン2During the day, we went to Blumen Hugel.

拓トナカイ拓トナカイ2拓アルパカ拓クリスマスツリーAnd guess what we got there.


Marry Christmas!


Talking about German Christmas, you gotta listen to this.

If you want to know how to utilize synchronicity, read the followings.


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