Did You Know That Vinegar Natto Was Good for Your Eyes?

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Recently, vinegar natto is becoming popular among celebrities in Japan that it is good for your eyes.


We happen to eat this natto salad a lot these days because my son loves it. It has vinegar, as well. So without knowing, we have been eating vinegar natto a lot.


On top of that, this salad has cabbage, and apparently, the combination of vinegar, cabbage, and miso is good for us, according to Dr Koichiro Fujita, a professor emeritus at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Since miso and natto are both soy based fermented food, the combination of vinegar, cabbage, and natto must be good, too.


Looks like this natto salad will stay in our dinner table for a while.


It is easy to make. You mix natto with thin sliced cabbage and you add dressing made with Japanese noodle soup base, vinegar, mayonnaise, olive oil, and sesame seeds.


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