Celebrating with Ikigai Dinner

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Having submitted data for all three books, it is time for a small celebration.


It is good to celebrate time to time even though you haven’t completed the project from the viewpoint of ZENWSP’s law of attraction. You want to enjoy life and be happy a lot, appreciating every step. For me celebration is a form of appreciation.


Today, I am drinking Daijiro’s Wataribune. Daijiro is sake from Higasi Omi which is next to Hino, and it is one of the best sakes in Shiga Prefecture. Wataribune is especially good because Shichihonyari which is another superb sake in Shiga won an award in France with Wataribune rice.


I am having it with Kinpira Gobo,


boiled Taros,


Hinona pickles, a speciality of Hino,


and Tsukemone steak, a speciality from Hida.


Daijiro’s Wataribune is so delicious. I am so happy. I am happy that the paper version of Hyakusho Revolution series will be available on Amazon soon. I appreciate the print on demand system which enabled me to do it.


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