Satoyama Experience Back in Hino

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My son and I went Satoyama cycling back in Hino. Well, it is our daily route, just going to the super market and the library, so nothing special for us.


And yet, all we could see were rice paddies and forests, it was nothing different from Satoyama cycling.


We cycled 10 kilometers round trip but this time my son wasn’t tired.


He helped me cut some fire wood after we got home.


My neighbor gave me this stand, and it became so much easier to cut wood.

木きり台2I can place wood there like that.

チャーンソーBetter than this-haha.

そばみやげThese are my souvenirs, soba and sake, both are specialities of Hida area.


I even made cooked chinese cabbage because they have another speciality called pickle steak, which is cooked pickled chinese cabbage. This sake goes very well with Hinona pickles, too as I expected. Hida has pickled red turnips which are a little like Hinona, and it went well with this nigori zake.

にごり酒 It is so nice to continue Hida’s Satoyama experience back in my traditional Japanese house in Hino.


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