The Talk in Osaka Went Smoothly

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I gave a talk in Takatsuki Osaka on Saturday and it went very well.


About 60 people came and we had a lively session.


I talked about how to shift our lives to prepare for coming changes: How to prepare for natural disasters, financial meltdown, emergence of A.I., and the 100 year life.


One thing I suggested was that we should move to Satoyama and build Satoyama cities throughout Japan. Satoyama cities are towns in the countryside with the population of pre-high economic growth period and have creative energy.


By getting people in cities to move to the countryside, we can bring depopulated areas back to their original states. By bringing creative people such as artists, we can make the countryside a stimulating, and exciting place, which will further attract more people.


If we live in the countryside, we will be able to lead a more resilient lifestyle for financial meltdown or food shortage.

Why Don’t We Live In A Satoyama City Rather Than Living In A Smart City?

Hyakusho is Going to Be the Most Popular Occupation in the Next Few Years.


We had a party after the talk session.



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