Cup Noodles or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

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Cup Noodles or Kentucky Fried Chicken?


It was the title of a mail I received recently. It was from a car insurance company and these two were the options of the present they wanted to give if you sign the contract with them.


Who would want those two?


If you have ever watched my first video, you would know that those are the last things I want.


Well, the fact that they are luring people with those two, there must be millions of people who are appealed by them, I suppose.


Too bad, they will have a higher chance of car accident, if they keep eating them.


I have never had a car accident actually. Not even once. I have a gold driver’s license. I don’t get angry when I drive, I am always calm. I don’t understand why so many drivers are irritated when they drive.


Anyway, you can tell that video was my first video in English. I’m not so fluent. You know it’s been over 30 years since I lived in England, and I have been mostly speaking in Japanese in the last 10 years or so. You lose so much if you don’t speak it regularly.


I have now become more used to speaking in English since I started making YouTube videos. Strangely enough this whole YouTube stuff has been a good speaking practice for me.


So, I am going to make a new version based on the video I shot in the forest to replace it.


By the way, I’ll be giving a talk in Takatsuki Osaka on Saturday the 17th. It is going to be in Japanese.


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