Climbing Mt. Watamuki with the Elementary School

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It was the day of Mt. Watamuki in Hino Town today. Since Mt. Watamuki is 1110 meters high, November 10th is the day of Mt. Watamuki in our town, and many people climb it.


My son’s elementary school, too, climbed the mountain as an annual school event.  As a member of P.T.A. I went along with many other parents. There are about 70 pupils in the school and about 50 parents participated in it; meaning most parents.


There was a concert at the 3rd station.


It was cloudy in the morning and was cold after the 7th station. Many of the parents went to the elementary school when they were children and seemed to be used to climbing the mountain. Looks like this school annual event worked well for them.


But my son made it. He wasn’t tired like the last time.


We made it. He is getting better each time and he will be a good climber if he keeps climbing it every year for 6 years. I can imagine myself hiking with him at Inca Trail, Gland Canyon, or even Swiss Alps, one of those days. The question is will I be able to continue to be fit enough until that time? Well, with Ikigai Diet it isn’t that difficult.


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