Did You Know There Was a Comic Book Version of The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity?

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Did You Know There Was a Comic Book Version of The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity?


Yes, there is one in Japan and I just finished reading it. Actually there are quite a few books of this kind made into comic books in Japan. I hardly read comic books but when I don’t have much time and want to gather information, reading the comic version is faster.


Well, it looks like I’ll be living till 120 years old. Up until now I thought I was going to live until 100 years old but that was based on the calculation that our average life expectancy was 80 years old. According to this book, our average life expectancy will rise to 100 years old by the time we are old. Since I have been about 20 years younger than my peers, it means I will be living till 120 years old.


I Got a Perfect Result from the Medical Check Up Again

Apparently, I am 21 Years Younger Than My Age


Well, that is a revelation for me. I have 60 more years to live. I thought I would die by the time my son is 50 years old(yes, he was born when I was 50), but I can be around till he is 70 years old.


Many people told me it would be difficult to raise a child from the age 50, but that was based on the assumption that I, too was going to die when I am around 80 years old, and I would be weak from around 70 years old.


And the biggest revelation is that my life hasn’t been that bad. I made my life shift when I was 18 years old by not choosing to take a regular path of going to university and get a job. I decided not to go to university and began traveling, and I have never worked for a regular company.


Well, my life shift is to be a little more traditional, I suppose-haha, but it means I have much more experience in this field and can help others who want to change their life.


One area is health. Yes, staying healthy will be more and more crucial if we are to live long. Living until 100 years itself won’t be so fun if we can’t maintain our youth, staying healthy and happy until 100 years old is the key.


Let’s change our diet to Ikigai diet then.


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