Denny Tamaki, the Opponent of U.S Military Bases Won the Gubernatorial Election in Okinawa

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I am so glad that Denny Tamaki was elected as the next governor of Okinawa prefecture yesterday. He campaigned focused on sharply reducing the U.S. military presence on the island. Being supported by opposition parties he defeated Atsushi Sakima who was supported by the ruling parties; the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito.


This election can create a new flow in Japanese politics for the Upper House election next year.


As I said before, Okinawa has the biggest presence of U.S. bases in Japan and locals have gone through a series of tragedies because of it.


There have been many rape incidents by servicemen and a number of military plane crashes, making the island to be one of the most dangerous regions in Japan.



If the military presence isn’t protecting Japan, what is the point of having it. I hope this election will change the situation in Okinawa.


Onaga successor wins Okinawa gubernatorial election


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